The sleeping church in America is the greatest untapped resource for the gospel. That’s why church revitalization is so important.

Derek Smith

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Welcome to Derek Smith Ministries

Welcome and thank you so much for checking out this ministry! Jesus said the gates of hell would not come against His church. We know this is true for eternity, but in the short run there are many churches and Christians who are struggling. It is my mission to help local churches facilitate revitalization through prayer, preaching, resources, and leadership development.

Revitalization is just a big word for revival, and Spirit-led revival is what we need in the church today! Revitalization is not a program. You don’t achieve it in 5 easy steps. Revitalization is God’s people broken over sin, passionate in prayer, and recklessly abandoned for God’s mission.

I invite you to join me on this journey calling on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for Spirit-led revival!

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